Transporting mortal remains to The Caribbean, or to another country – What you need to know

If you need to ship a loved one’s remains to return them home for a funeral or burial, our experts are here to help you. One call to our Expert Team, and we can begin arrangements to transfer your loved one into our care.

We offer Funeral Shipping Services Internationally to the Caribbean and, Africa. We handle the process every step of the way.

Once your loved one is in our care, we organize the preparation of the body, the transportation of the body in a professional and dignified manner, and the delivery of the deceased to his or her final destination.

Funeral shipping can seem complex, but our Team has years of experience handling the transfer of remains.  So, let us guide you through the process. We take care of all the legal documentation, coordinate with the airlines or mortuary transport company, and get the best prices on funeral shipping services.

What happens if you need to transport the deceased overseas?

Transporting the deceased overseas can be more complex.  Now, there is export and import legislation to meet customs declarations, consulate forms, and the logistic requirements to coordinate a mortal shipment from a dispatching location in the U.S. to the receiving country and receiving funeral service provider overseas.

It can be really important to use the services of an experienced and professional funeral company specializing in International funeral shipping, as time can be of the essence in gathering all the Embassy or Consulate documents and knowing the requirements for funeral cargo shipping import for the destination country.